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On a hot day, it’s hard to imagine anything better than hearing the chimes of an ice cream truck and walking away with your favourite frozen treat. But there’s a problem that’s not so sweet – ice cream trucks can be big polluters.

Most of the trucks, particularly older models, have diesel engines. And to keep your ice cream nice and cold, they have to stay running, even when the trucks are parked.

But hold on to your sugar cone, because Nissan has come up with a novel solution, turning its e-NV200 electric van into a zero-emission ice cream truck. For Nissan, the project is a perfect demonstration of Nissan Intelligent Mobility strategy, with more than a decade of leadership in EV engineering and design.  And they’ve partnered up with Mackie’s of Scotland to showcase a greener future for the industry.

"...Hold on to your sugar cone, because Nissan has come up with a novel solution, turning its e-NV200 electric van into a zero-emission ice cream truck."

A Marriage Made in Ice Cream Heaven

Mackie’s is an excellent choice as a partner – the ice cream maker powers its family-owned dairy farm by renewable wind and solar energy. 'We're delighted to have worked with Nissan on this project as it's the perfect complement to our own vision of becoming self-sustainable in renewable energy – and eliminating carbon in the journey from "Sky to Scoop"', said Karin Hayhow, marketing director at Mackie's of Scotland.

Illustration of how Mackie's uses wind and solar sources to power their zero emission ice cream truck

The Scoop on the Van – a 100% Electric Light Commercial Vehicle

The prototype van is based on the production e-NV200, Nissan’s 100% electric light commercial vehicle. The van’s motor is driven by a 40 kWh battery, and can drive up to 124 miles between charges. While that kind of EV powertrain may be familiar to Nissan LEAF drivers, the van has some tricks up its sleeve.

Images of ice cream dispensers powered by Nissan energy ROAM power pack

The on-board ice cream equipment, which includes a soft-serve machine, freezer drawer and drink fridge, is powered by the recently unveiled Nissan Energy ROAM, a portable power pack that uses lithium-ion cells recovered from early first-generation Nissan electric vehicles. It’s a smart choice – creating a sustainable second life for Nissan EV batteries. 

And when the ice cream season is over, the Nissan continues to work – through a Vehicle-to-Grid charger, the e-NV200’s battery can store surplus energy and provide it back to the grid when needed, providing additional revenue from the vehicle when it’s not being driven.  

Check out this Nissan with zero emissions

Nissan E-NV200 in a parking garage

Nissan E-NV200 – A Greener Way To Do Business

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